About the Farm
Sugarloaf Mountain

Nestled in the rolling hills surrounding picturesque Sugarloaf Mountain in Central Maryland,  A Paca Fun Farm is the home of Jo, Bari, and Neil Padgett.  Founded in 1999, our 25 acre farm is “alpaca central” for about 150 alpacas (give or take 30;-),  huacayas and suris,  in all colors.

Our original foundation herd of 5 has grown over the years, both by carefully selected purchases and thoughtful breeding. Currently white alpaca sets the standard for quality fleece in the USA, and indeed the world. It has been a breeding goal of our farm to produce gray and black huacaya fleece the quality of white, and as our 4th generation of alpacas hit the ground we draw ever closer to our goal.

APaca Fun Farm


Our farm’s mission is to enhance the breed by continuing to improve the quality of the North American Alpaca, as well as to enrich the lives of our customers and fellow breeders.  Our service neither begins nor ends with a sale.  We welcome experienced breeders as well as folks just beginning the alpaca lifestyle.